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Our Story

VP Nursing, Leadership, Coaching, and Training is an organization that is focused on nurturing health care providers. As a result of the training and coaching by the team at VP Nursing, health care providers are able to deliver comprehensive care to their community of patients.  Health care providers are equipped to become physically and spiritually fit, financially stable, and lead with integrity and confidence. 


As a result, they inspire the next generation of care providers, creating a safe environment for their patients and financial stability for their organization.  Whom do you know that could benefit from this transformational training?


Meet Our Team

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My name is Dr. Viola Pierce. I am the CEO and the founder of the VP of Nursing Leadership, Training, and Coaching. I am a nurse with more than 25 years of experience. I have worked in various specialties in nursing including urgent care, OB/GYN, home health, and nursing homes. The bulk of my career has been spent in emergency medicine.

I have a unique eye for understanding the gaps in the industry.  When you, as nurses, can utilize the knowledge you already know, monetizing the knowledge through profitable business practices, and creating healthier communities it becomes a game-changer not only for your region but also for your family.  Our goal is to change the face of healthcare as we know it along with changing our family situation.  This is when you can work from anywhere around the world making money with the purpose that God originally designed for you. 

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Dr. Sandra Cleveland, Ph.D., RN, CPE is an educator and entrepreneur, known as the “Digital Bestie.” She consults with women entrepreneurs and corporate leaders to eliminate employee attrition by implementing disruptive employee training offerings and infusing gamification strategies to meet desired goals.


She is the Founder of The GamiPHI Theory, a division of Tribe Consulting, LLC. She has presented nationally and internationally on the power of play and gamification, education, and research.


She is the author of two Amazon #1 best sellers: Girl, Get in the Game, and The Play-Based Organization.


Her ongoing mission is to help others reach their full purpose (Jeremiah 29:11) and feels honored and humbled to be used as a vessel for God’s work.

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Jameisha Nicole Rogers, BSN, RN is the CEO and founder of an education and consulting firm, the Nephrology Nurse Leadership Network, LLC in Baltimore, MD. Jameisha provided services as a nephrology nurse consultant.


Jameisha has clinical and leadership expertise in hemodialysis and home therapy programs for acute and chronic settings since becoming a nurse in 2009, graduating from Coppin State University in Baltimore.


Jameisha has excelled in several roles in the nephrology space with a passion for teaching, patient education, and compliance with safety focus. Starting as a staff nurse and then progressing to charge nurse, clinical manager, facility administrator, preceptor, nurse educator, and travel nurse prior to becoming an entrepreneur.

Caneisha Berry is a world-renowned life and relationship coach, international TedxTalk speaker, and best-selling author. While living in the United Arabic Emirates, and later, while living in Beijing, China, she began offering one-on-one coaching, retreats, and seminars to help women gain confidence, build better relationships, save their marriages, find their true purpose and passion, and live the life they dreamed.


Caneisha is passionate about helping women gain clarity, set goals, and act towards living their best through her Berry Thoughtful Life Coaching. She does this by providing tools and strategies to help them break free from limiting beliefs, shift their mindset, and tap into their potential. Her clients are professional women who aspire to have healthy relationships, advance in their careers, and are committed to creating their desired life goals.

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