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VPNursing Podcast

I bet that if you had the opportunity to speak to thousands of small business owners from your target audience, you wouldn’t pass it up, right?

Here’s a secret:

Being a guest on a podcast, whether big or small, is the perfect way to do just that. Unfortunately, too many business owners miss this opportunity because they don’t know precisely how massive podcast guest benefits are.

No matter what industry your business may serve, hundreds of podcasters are talking about the exact topics that your audience is interested in. There is an opportunity for your company to be the expert that they want to hear from.



Why Come on the Show?

Community Involvement

We have a smart, driven audience who cares deeply about improving the communities around them, producing exceptional work, and living high-impact lives.

Exposure For Your Brand

Your brand will have evergreen exposure to new listeners every week, both through our channels and those of our featured guests.

This means your message will constantly be absorbed through fresh ears, even years after it initially went live.

Increased Return on Investment

63% of Podcast Listeners purchase a product after hearing an advertisement on a podcast.


Podcasting advertising is less expensive than traditional methods.

Doctor's Desk

Do you want to be featured and be heard by 20,000 people of the VP Nursing Community?

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