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Our journey, Dr Pierce and I began over 10 years ago when I requested Dr. Pierce to be my preceptor in the Emergency Department during my last year of undergraduate nursing studies. To give perspective to the concept of a preceptor, it’s merely defined as an instructor, teacher, or tutor to help students learn the preceptor's professional practice role. Little did I know at the time of requesting Dr. Pierce as a preceptor that years later she would serve as much more, she would be my “Life Coach”.

Coaches are not teachers, nor are they mentors, rather, coaches help individuals deepen their learning about themselves; identify gaps between where they are and where they want to go; design steps to forward their actions; and, build in accountability along the way. Dr Pierce has taught me the importance of daily self-reflection on my personal and professional life as it impacts my abilities to perform as a nurse. Through self-reflection, Dr. Pierce has provided me with a platform to transform my actions and reactions in order to make meaningful change in the nursing profession. With Dr Pierce’s life coaching, I know I have a cheerleader supporting my efforts to move forward in the profession of nursing and in life. I’m forever grateful to have encountered and continue to seek the brilliant life coaching skills of Dr. Pierce



Working with Viola Pierce is like working with yourself in the mirror except she tells you the TRUTH. You are stuck where you are because you
 have no perspective other than yours. After working with Viola, I have a new outlook on getting things done! She will have you looking at things 
differently so that different things start happening in your life. Viola will challenge you to become the best version of yourself and leave you with the
 confidence that you can do it. I'm extremely thankful and happy to have worked with her and God has continued to bless me. 



Mrs. Viola Pierce began coaching me in 2017 after the passing of my mother. She has helped me with lessons on life, and the advancement of my career. I honestly believe without her coaching me through that tragic time, I would be on a continuous downward spiral. She is effortlessly a God send in my life.