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Revenue Revolution:

Mastering Sales and Conversion in Modern Marketing

MARCH 12, 2024 | 05-08 PM EST

Daydreaming about leaving your job behind and striking out to start a business of your own?

If you want to work around the world, make money, and own your own time...



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Join our thriving community of like-minded individuals who are passionate about combining nursing expertise with entrepreneurial spirit to create a life of abundance and impact.


Connect with a diverse group of nurses who share your ambition. Our community is a supportive space where you can exchange ideas, seek advice, and celebrate each other's successes.


Access exclusive content, webinars, and discussions that cover a range of topics, from business strategies and financial literacy to personal development and wellness.


Build meaningful connections with nurses, entrepreneurs, and industry leaders. Collaborate, share experiences, and discover potential partnerships that can accelerate your professional growth. 

Confirmation and Thank You

for Joining Revenue Revolution: Mastering Sales and Conversion in Modern Marketing Masterclass!

We are thrilled to confirm your registration for the VP Nursing Free Masterclass - "RX for Success: Nurse’s Blueprint for Launching a Money Making Coaching and Consulting Business", scheduled for March 12, 2024. 

We wanted to extend our heartfelt gratitude for joining us. Your presence made the event a tremendous success, and we hope you found it as enriching as we did!

Here are the event details:

Date: March 12, 2024

Time: 05 - 08 PM

Zoom Link: Zoom Webinar Link

As the date approaches, make sure to mark your calendar and set a reminder for this transformational event. Get ready to overcome your stage fear and unlock the secrets to event success!

Should you have any questions or need further information before the webinar, please don't hesitate to reach out to our dedicated support team at

Thank you once again for choosing Stage Success Secret. We look forward to seeing you on

March 12, 2024, at the webinar!

Best regards,

Dr. Viola Pierce

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